Círculos de acción
We hold informal but structured “círculos de acción,” reflexive dialogues that begin with community insider-outsiders (those who work but do not live in the community of interest) and extend in subsequent dialogues to community insiders (those who do live in the community of interest). Participants from the former are asked to invite a peer to successive dialogues, an effort stemming from the premise that repeated iterations begin to permeate deeper into the community. Using these methods, we argue that allowing community members to define themselves and their issues of interest is necessary for initiating true community-based collaboration. We began this effort with a community health assessment in Valencia, a neighborhood of Fullerton, California, done in collaboration with the Valencia Task Force. We plan to adapt this model to Santa Ana, California in the coming months.

The project objectives are to:
  • Advocate for community-initiated and community-based participatory action.
  • Identify sources of imbalance in setting the community research agenda.
  • Promote new ways of approaching community-based research, including círculos de acción.